March 4

The No. 1 Most Powerful Way To Transfer Learning Into Action


What is the No. 1 BEST way to transfer LEARNING into action?

The answer might surprise you …

Do you remember how you learned the ALPHABET?

Remember how you memorized your ABCs to the tune of ‘Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star’?


Otherwise known as the Neuroscience of Music at work on your brain! And to give you an idea of just how powerful it was, it's been at work that way your entire life!

? MUSIC—used both literally and as a metaphor—within adult learning is no longer a ‘novelty’ idea. Science tells us that music plays a very important role in the retention and memory-recall of learned concepts, not only for children but also for adults in a working environment.

When you combine the power of music with other proven learning transfer methods such as Practice, Action Learning, 360° Feedback, Coaching, and Spaced-Out Learning, you get the very best of all worlds! 

See the power of MUSIC in action for TEAM development in my upcoming new book:

?THE 7 SONGS OF A SUCCESSFUL TEAM: A Leadership Parable, by Dr. Pelè

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How do YOU transfer learning into action?

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Dr. Pelè

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Dr. Pelè is a bestselling author, musician, and Founder of VelocityJam™, where members leverage a community of practice, feedback, and detailed post analytics to turn their authentic social media content into high-value clients.