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The 7 Songs Of A Successful Team:

How To Model The Harmony Of Music To Create Profitable Teams

Business leaders routinely struggle with the question of what products, services, and strategies will get their organizations to the success they seek. Unfortunately, far too little attention is given to the question of who will help them get there.

Given today's dismal statistics of low employee engagement, high workplace stress, and poor ROI from people-development efforts, there is increasing urgency to live up to the often-stated but rarely-implemented mantra that ‘people are our greatest asset’.

At the same time, companies across the globe are quickly discovering that ‘employee happiness is the new profitable’.

When happy employees work together in harmonious teams to increase business profit, we call it Profitable Happiness™. However, the question continues to be: how do we create a culture of happy employees—working in harmony—to produce profitable teams?

For the answer, we need look no further than neuroscience, which shows how our brains respond to music, nature's most perfect harmony. Just as humans have learned to fly by modeling birds, we can learn to build harmonious teams by modeling music.

In ‘The 7 Songs of A Successful Team’, you’ll discover the power of Music-Based Training™ to:

  • Transfer Team Training Into Action
  • Create A Strong Sense Of Community
  • Increase Employee Engagement and Motivation

Drawing on scholarly research, as well as his own unique experiences at the cross-roads of Human Resources, Training, and Music, Dr. Pelè shows how we can model the harmony of music to create profitable business teams.

A must-read for business leaders who are inspired to transform dysfunctional workplace teams into harmonious and profitable ones.


"Dr. Pelè's writing style is so enjoyable, you won't even know you're learning!" 

Dr. Marshall Goldsmith Renowned Executive Coach

"If You Enjoyed 'The 5 Dysfunctions Of A Team', You'll Love This Book!! — Dr. Pelè

The 7 Songs Of A Successful Team will be launched in March, 2020. Register below to be notified as soon as it becomes available.

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