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Whether you’re a team member or leader, learn why NOW is the best time to begin assessing and developing TEAMS so they can produce their highest performance results.

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How Ready Are Your Teams For Today's World?

Engaged Employees

During 'normal times', research showed that up to 85% of employees were disengaged from their work (Gallup). Yet we also know that 'Happy' employees produce profitable teams. 

We use a science-based, assessment-driven approach called Profitable Happiness™ to leverage the personality, strengths, and emotions of your employees so they can launch highly effective teams.

Team Harmony

97% of employees and executives cite disharmony for task or project failures (McKinsey). We also know that cohesive teams are the key to business profitability.

We build 'orchestras'—harmonious teams that deliver high performance through experiential, action-based learning and coaching.

Effective Leadership

90% of companies cite leadership as a major challenge to organizational health (Deloitte). We also know that an effective leader is someone who leads an effective team.

We empower your leaders with proven tools, training, and evidence-based models to improve both team and leadership effectiveness.

Work With Dr. Pelè


Dr. Pelè holds a PhD in Organization and Management, and is certified in HOGAN™, BIRKMAN™ and several other state-of-the-art psychometric evaluations. His data-driven, evidence-based approach to team development helps organizations visualize and understand the underlying psychological levers powering their business performance.


What organizations want is learning and development that actually STICKS. In addition to traditional assessment and coaching methodologies, Dr. Pelè uniquely leverages the neuroscience of music as a core learning transfer mechanism that makes learning stick.


Watch a recent webinar where Dr. Pelè and an executive roundtable discuss actionable concepts for how leaders and teams can create lasting, positive team results in today's new business landscape.

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—How To Model The Harmony Of Music To Create Profitable Teams

Dr. Marshall Goldsmith World-Renowned Leadership Expert

Dr. Pelè's writing style is so enjoyable, you won't even know you're learning!

Take a 1-minute Team Assessment

Based on the best-selling book THE 7 SONGS OF A SUCCESSFUL TEAM, our online team assessment is the ultimate tool for employees and leaders to make their teams more harmonious, productive, and effective. However, you can get valuable insights right now with a condensed version, our 1-minute team assessment. This is a perfect, 'lite' starting point for any member or leader of a team who wants to create greater team cohesion and profitable business results. 


Dr. Pelè is one of the most passionate, creative people I know!

Paul Batz - CEO of Good Leadership Enterprises

Dr. Pelè is a gifted author and speaker. This guy is a gold mine!

Les Brown - Motivation Speaker & Trainer

Dr. Pelè is a learning technology innovator and visionary.

Dr. Sydney Savion - Chief Learning Officer, Dell

Dr. Pelè has this contagious, infectious, positive energy and enthusiasm!

Meredith Bell - President Of Performance Support Systems

Dr. Pelè has the proven strategies anyone can use to generate sales, increase opportunities, and present with persuasion!

Craig Valentine - 1999 World Champion Of Public Speaking

Dr. Pelè's energy is beautiful, man! I LOVE working with Dr. Pelè

Ron Carson - CEO, Carson Group, Managing over $15 Billion in assets

Dr. Pelè really gets it! He's insightful, accomplished, and his podcast is one of the most fun and engaging I've ever been a guest on!

John Nemo - CEO of the Nemo Media Group

Dr. Pelè's writing style is so enjoyable, you won't even know you're learning!

Dr. Marshall Goldsmith - World-Renowned Leadership Expert

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Inspired leaders produce great cultures. Great cultures enable happy employees. Happy employees form harmonious teams. And harmonious teams create satisfied customers.

Whether you're forming new partnerships, involved in mergers and acquisitions, or building company capabilities at all levels, your teams are at the center of your business strategy. When teams suffer from disharmony, they aren't effective, and your bottom line suffers. We can help. Click the button below, and let's start a conversation.