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For decades, Gallup's polls have shown us that employee disengagement remains at a whopping 70%. It's time for this to change, and if your organization needs help improving employee engagement, retention, and performance, read on.

Dr. Pelè is a dynamic and transformational keynote speaker who captivates and excites today's audiences with his unique blend of songs, storytelling, and software for building cultures of high employee engagement, productivity, and Profitable Happiness™.

With over 20 years of expertise in human potential, Dr. Pelè has become renowned for his high-energy performances and inspiring messages that empower employees and leaders to turn happiness into habits and high-performing organizations.

But there's a twist!

Unlike most speakers that merely motivate for an hour, Dr. Pelè has solutions that stay with your organization, improving culture and business performance for years to come!

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Dr. Pelè is a Speaker / Singer / Songwriter who inspires organizations of all sizes to build cultures of High Employee Happiness, Engagement, and Business Performance.

His books, music, and Profitable Happiness software work together as the speaking backdrop he uses to create insights and motivate action for employees, leaders, and their organizations.

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How do leaders and their companies achieve high performance and profitable cultures by encouraging employee happiness? 

This is the core question, and the Profitable Happiness podcast has the answers.

Each week, I interview leaders and companies that have leveraged employee happiness to build business profitability. I talk with them about what they did, what they learned, and what they can teach to help others on their journeys toward profitable happiness.

Dr. Pele's style is so enjoyable, you won't even know you're learning!

Dr. Marshall GoldSmith