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Renowned Music Industry Executive

"I haven’t seen a pro like Dr. Pelè since Babyface! He is a hell of a songwriter!"

Dr. Pelè


Dr. Pelè:

Singer / Songwriter

Dr. Pelè is a bestselling author, musician, and educator who partners with leaders, teams, and individuals to achieve high performance through the science of happiness.

Born in a war-torn African village, he has experienced both humble beginnings and the victory of the American dream. His unique journey has taught him what truly drives success—and it’s not who or what we are. It’s how well we leverage happiness and harmony—the music of our lives.

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Love Or Nothing

As we watch the world around us, we see the only thing that can conquer hate is love. We need love in all its forms; between individuals, institutions, and all of humanity. It's that important. We need love now.

Give Us Freedom

Today, there is an existential battle for the essence of our humanity. We are in a battle for our hearts. What humanity seeks is freedom. We all want it equally, and collectively, we can achieve it. This is a plea to the world, spoken through music, the language of our souls: GIVE US FREEDOM.

I Got Happy

Once you decide to have “happy”, then you will have it. It’s a choice, not a situation. Far too many of us have been sold the idea that we will only one day be happy if so and so happens first. Let this song remind you that happiness is a choice you possess, and a muscle you can build with practice.

Dr. Pelè

Music Producer

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Dr. Pelè is a multi-instrumentalist who operates a world-class production studio. He is able to deliver state-of-the-art compositions and productions to suit any style or genre. Dr. Pelè's credits comprise of multiple Minneapolis and Austin artists, including Alexander O'Neal, with whom he achieved Billboard and UK Top 40 Chart success. Below are some samples from his music production catalog.


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Multipurpose Song Ideas

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'Space Jam' —Movie Song Ideas

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"Dr. Pelè plays every single instrument, and his message is powerful! His positive, socially conscious message is sorely needed in our world today!"

Leon Youngblood Sr.

Worldwide Music & Film Management Leader

"Dr. Pelè is versatile—his music ranges and flows seamlessly from Marvin Gaye style social messaging to Bob Marley's reggae love songs. A true gem!"

Livio Harris

Music Industry Powerhouse Executive