Profitable Happiness

5 Principles To Turn Your Passion Into 6-Figure Profits

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Worldwide Renowned Digital Marketer

"Dr. Pelè is amazing! If you want to sell big-ticket items, you've got to check this out!"

Dr. Pelè

Founder, Profitable Happiness

We're Going To Show You

How to turn your passion and expertise into a 6 or 7-Figure vehicle for authentic Profitable Happiness.

How to build a consistent client-creation machine without chasing vanity metrics on Social Media.

How to command higher fees and help more people, without coming off as pushy or ‘salesy’ online.

What Our Clients Are Saying...


CEO, I.P. Expert

$150,000 In First 30 Days Of Marketing Launch

Dr. Pelè is my ‘go-to’ Marketing Guy! His 1-1 Mentorship has helped me leverage LinkedIn to drive and close new leads. He has a solid platform of narrative psychology and technology that has worked quite well for me in driving new business. His unique process has helped me tremendously in growing my business.


CEO, Coach 

Scaling From 6-Figures To A 7-Figure Online Business

Dr. Pelè's coaching and 1-1 Mentorship approach has helped me move my organization from 6-Figures to being on track to a 7-Figure business.


CEO, Coach 

Over $20 Million Dollars In Client-Generated Revenue

Thanks to Dr. Pelè, and congratulations! As founder of the Client Attraction University, my team and I were pleased to join his LinkedIn training and 1-1 Mentorship program, which was a great step forward for our organization.

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