Hi, I’m Dr. Pelè

Here’s how I went from overworked ‘dreamer’ to helping online entrepreneurs win their highest-value clients on LinkedIn.

Once upon a time, long before I wrote and produced for a major label artist; before I saw my songs climb the Billboard and UK top music charts; before the PHD, and before running my own entrepreneurial business, I was just a kid with a music dream in a far-away, war-torn African refugee camp.

I remember bombs falling all around us, screams everywhere, people running for shelter. And I remember my mother holding me tight and singing into my ears. And mostly, I remember that those songs were the healing and antidote to our fear and hunger. Her music made me HAPPY. Fast forward many years later, I moved to America, and found myself still turning to music for healing, happiness, and my antidote for fear. You see, in my dreams, music was America, so as Paul Simon once sang, “I walked off to look for America!”

My life’s first lesson was that HAPPINESS creates success, and not the other way around!

My American Dream

The first few years after I arrived in the USA, I lived in Minneapolis, and they were some of the most exciting years of my life. I had immigrated from Africa with only $100 to my name. And like any true musician, I couldn’t help but spend it all on my first guitar. But who cared if I was broke? I lived in Minneapolis, the land of Prince and Steven Greenberg’s Funkytown, and I was determined to become Pelè Kazir, a contributing member of that history-making music scene.

But it was never easy.

I worked hard, sold studio time, wrote and produced for anyone I could find, until I had my first really big break. It was a chance to work as a songwriter and producer with Steven Greenberg’s Funkytown studio. (Remember that song?) While I worked at Funkytown, I got a chance to produce Doc Severinson of NBC’s TONIGHT SHOW and Dennis Green, the Late head coach of the Minnesota Vikings. My next big opportunity was writing and producing on a major label for the legendary Alexander O’Neal, one of the pioneers of the ‘Minneapolis Sound’. My songs and production work on his album landed on the UK Top 40 and US Billboard Top 50 charts. I had finally achieved my biggest possible music industry dream…or so I thought!

And that’s when I discovered the ugly truth.

I Was Still Broke.

After all the hard work over the years in the music industry, and after even writing and producing for a major label and landing on the charts, I had no financial success from music whatsoever. I quickly started to realize that the music industry was actually stacked negatively against artists, songwriters and producers. We were just glorified ’employees’ to the big record label decision makers in Los Angeles, Nashville, and New York, and we never saw much of the money we thought we deserved.

Something was wrong with this picture, so I quit.

I walked away and I went back to school to follow in the educational footsteps of my late father—Dr. Frank—to earn an MBA and a PHD. Based on my graduate research, I wrote 4 books, all related to the topic of ‘NARRATIVE AS INFLUENCE’. What I didn’t realize back then was that I had been learning and uncovering the SECRETS that today’s most successful online entrepreneurs were using to make MILLIONS of dollars each year!

At the time, I didn’t fully understand how to leverage my research, so I became a motivational speaker, and went to work for Les Brown, one of the world’s greatest motivational speakers. I even became the Toastmasters District 6 Champion of Public Speaking for the region of Midwest USA and Canada.

Yet again, I found out that despite all my hard work as a motivational speaker, I wasn’t making any money! So after those initial adventures, I went off and got several jobs in the corporate world as a software developer, VP of HR, and later as a Vice President of Product Marketing. Now I was finally making the six figures I’d dreamed of, but something else was wrong with that picture…I was terribly unhappy. The musician and entrepreneur in my life had died.

My life’s second lesson was that you must use your PASSION and follow your PURPOSE. 

My Defining Moment!

After almost 25 years in Minneapolis, it was time for a change. I moved to Austin, Texas, another music town known as ‘The Live Music Capital Of The World’. (What is it with me and Funky Towns anyway?) Anyway, this time, I had more than just one guitar. This time, I had a world class, state of the art recording studio, years of business experience, and then, the strangest thing happened…

I discovered the unique power of applying my ‘NARRATIVE AS INFLUENCE’ research on LinkedIn! 

I began helping consultants, coaches, and companies find their ideal clients on LinkedIn.

I quickly renamed my research into something easier for people to digest. Instead of ‘Narrative As Influence’, I began calling it: STORYBOUND MARKETING. Armed with this new moniker, I began helping friends and colleagues use LinkedIn for finding, keeping, and growing high-value clients. The results were outstanding! In fact, I discovered that I could build my own business while simultaneously helping others build theirs. The two efforts were merely two sides of the same coin. So I doubled down, and over time, I learned the following:

  • How to use my PHD research—the power of story and psychology—to cut through all the online noise and find my ideal clients.
  • How to clarify my message and technology funnels to keep my ideal clients interested and magnetically drawn to my brand.
  • How to help entrepreneurs design and implement their success stories, build authentic relationships with them, and grow a tribe of my highest-value clients.


Here's What Others Have Said About My Storybound Music And Marketing:


Rizwan Majumder

Dr. Pele is a passionate evangelist working to bridge the yawning gap that exists between strategy and the bottom line results of most organizations. He is an engaging speaker who gets to the heart of what could possibly transform most organizations.

Rizwan Majumder - Organizational Development & Training, State of Texas

Holly Harper-Chesnutt

If you're looking to cut through the noise and learn about Storybound marketing, definitely check out Dr. Pelè's course.

Holly Harper-Chesnutt - Entrepreneur

Les Brown

Dr. Pelè is a gifted author and speaker. This guy is a gold mine!

Les Brown - World Renowned Motivational Speaker

Paul Batz

Dr. Pelè is one of the most passionate, creative people I know: he is articulate, ambitious and a real technology marketing wizard.

Paul Batz - CEO and Founder

Lance Miller

Dr. Pelè shares authentic messages that touch everyone, enlightening his audiences with an energetic and entertaining manner that is fun for all!

Lance Miller - 2005 World Champion of Public Speaking

Dr. Marshall Goldsmith

Dr. Pelè's teaching style is so enjoyable, you won't even know you're learning!

Dr. Marshall Goldsmith - Leadership Development Expert and Coach

Dani Mai

Growing up I dreamt of being a singer ... with the help of Dr Pelè, not only did I get to check off another item on my bucket list, but I found healing, peace, balance, and closure along the way. Thank you, Dr Pelè.

Dani Mai - Singer-Songwriter & Entrepreneur, Houston TX

Joan Maddux

I recently had the opportunity to attend Dr. Pele’s presentation, in which he shared his passion for turning continuous learning into results by addressing the gap between training and on-the-job results. He quickly engaged the group with energy, enthusiasm, and music. Attendees were blown away by Dr. Pele’s passion for the subject. He was very entertaining and enthusiastic in his delivery and provided participants with a memorable framework for taking learning and development to a new level. It is a real pleasure to see Dr. Pele in action and I look forward to working with him in the future.

Dr. Pelè, Thank you so much for such a wonderful job in helping us meeting our members learning and development needs. This year was among our highest ranking years and it is due to your talent, knowledge, and willingness to help develop others. Thank you!

Joan Maddux - Vice President of Education, ACCA

Cheryl Smith

It was such a pleasure having Dr. Pelè as our keynote speaker! The evaluations were extremely positive.

Cheryl Smith - Director of Education at Care Providers of Minnesota

Sunil Chitre

Dr. Pelè has a unique, inspirational story that is totally next-level, and it's really nice to hear his story along with his music! Great presentation, great music! Everyone was really into it. If you have an opportunity to work with Dr. Pelè, I think you should do so.

Sunil Chitre - President, HIREDTexas

Alexander O'Neal

C'mon Dr. Pelè Kazir, Gimme some o' dat music!

Alexander O'Neal - Legendary R&B/Soul Singer

Jenny Dougherty

It was such a gift to have Dr. Pelè bring his talents, experience and knowledge to our small community. Dr. Pelè is not only willing to meet with high profile businesses organizations; he has also helped our community by speaking to entrepreneurs and youth groups. His ability to tailor to specific audiences is incredible and his unique use of humor in his delivery makes for an entertaining and effective style.

Jenny Dougherty Herman - Administration Director for Koochiching County

Jon Schober

Dr. Pelè really helped me to understand the psychology and technology of online marketing, and how to automate increased lead generation and enroll more ideal clients. As a result of implementing Dr. Pelè's teachings, I closed 5-digit business in my first 30 days, and I'm on a path to close 6-figures in my first year.

Jon Schober - CEO, Maximize Others, Austin TX

Kaia Tingley

Dr. Pelè brings an incredible amount of both skill and passionate enthusiasm to his work. He is well grounded in the psychology of human behavior and its application to the technical and corporate worlds. He is also fearless in sharing his passion and authenticity in the most exuberant, yet professional of ways.

Kaia Tingley - Online Marketing Professional

Debbie Griffith

One cannot help but smile and be uplifted while listening to Dr. Pelè. In his song, “Getting Better” we have a message that each individual is significant no matter what their role is in life. Love God, love others and do stuff to make a difference. Dr. Pelè communicates this so beautifully with his upbeat and inspirational song.

Debbie Griffith - Speaker, Radio, Director, Performer

Craig Valentine

I was privileged to experience Dr. Pelè's speech and I left feeling totally fired up and energized! Why? It's because there are some speakers you listen to and others you watch ... with Dr. Pelè, it's more of an experience. Any organization looking to energize their personnel should look no further than Dr. Pelè. He and his message will become the gifts that keep on giving.

Craig Valentine - 1999 World Champion of Public Speaking

Marvin Gunn

Dr. Pelè (Kazir) puts his entire heart and soul into his music. He’s a truly inspiring artist!

Marvin Gunn - Musician, Prince, Mazarati

Adam Coe

Dr. Pele’s training programs fill a gigantic gap in leadership development that takes a leader from not just identifying development opportunities but rather to the next level of executing leadership development.

Adam Coe - Senior Services Director at Sanford Health

Well, that's my story—and song below—of how I GOT HAPPY, and I'm grateful you're now a part of it!

So, are you ready to find YOUR ideal clients on LinkedIn?

If so, download 'THE STORY OF YOU: 9 Secrets To Win Your Highest-Value Clients On LinkedIn'