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Dale Carnegie Training; Proctor & Gallagher Consulting

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Singer / Songwriter / Podcast Host of Profitable Happiness.

Dr. Pele's story

Hi, I'm Dr. Pelè...

Long before I wrote and produced for a major label artist; before I saw my songs climb the Billboard and UK top music charts; before the PHD degree, and before leading Profitable Happiness as a business coach, I was just a kid with a music dream in a far-away, war-torn African refugee camp.

I remember bombs falling around us, screams everywhere, people running for shelter. But in that moment, my mother, Dr. Sabina, did the strangest thing. She SANG to me! And those songs made me HAPPY! Those songs drove away the fear and hunger!

That was when I discovered the gift of music. But it was also when I learned my life's most important lesson: 

Happiness Comes Before Success, Not The Other Way Around.

My American Dream...

Like many first-generation immigrants, I arrived America with no money and a heart full of dreams. My only guiding light was my late father, Dr. Frank, who's stern commandment to me was: "Get your education, a good job, and stop playing that silly music!"

I did just that. I put away my music and earned all the degrees I could find, all the way up to a PHD. I also got the six-figure jobs my father spoke of, as a vice president in multiple organizations.

However, I was empty inside. I soon left the 9-5 world because something wasn't right. I had the external trappings of success, but...

... my happiness had gone away ...

Lots Of Ideas, No Clients.

Once I determined I needed to make a change, I began a journey of expression, researching and documenting multiple IDEAS, all aimed at helping potential clients. However, one obstacle always presented itself. My challenge was never about ideas. It was always about how to successfully market and sell them to clients. 

  • I became a major label music producer and got on the Billboard charts! 
    ... but the artist I produced lost his record deal. After the first big launch and pay day, there was no marketing, no results, no income.
  • I wrote several books and built businesses around them!
    ... but quickly discovered that just like music, writing books can be a waste of time without successful marketing or sales.
  • I created a social media marketing software solution on LinkedIn that attracted hundreds of clients!
    ... but as a one-man shop, I couldn't scale it beyond a free product.
  • I even went BACK to the corporate world to try my hands at employment again!
    ... I was a Vice President of Marketing, but the entrepreneurial spirit never died. Let's just say that didn't work out very well!

Unbeknownst to me, this cycle of failure turned out to be my greatest blessing ...

Discovering The Truth

I finally had to accept that all my life, I had been operating within a paradigm for seeking 'external' goals and appearances, but had never truly done the 'internal' work of personal development.

Even though I had produced hundreds of songs and authored multiple personal and business development books, I had never invested in developing my own mind.

I therefore began a new journey—inward—and consumed every self-help book I could find. I became fortunate to meet and work for my first mentor—Les Brown—who told me:

"You have greatness within you!"

And then I learned of Bob Proctor...

A dear friend of mine told me one day they were traveling to a retreat with Bob Proctor. I quickly looked him up and was astonished to learn that he was in many ways, the precursor and mentor of my first mentor, Les Brown. If you listen carefully to Les Brown's motivational work, you will find connections to all the great personal development thought leaders, from Andrew Carnegie, to Napoleon Hill, to Earl Nightingale, and finally, to Bob Proctor, one of the greatest thought leaders of our generation.

As I did my research, I was overjoyed to discover that Bob Proctor's books, videos, and philosophies were completely changing my life. His programs were about connecting the dots from THOUGHTS to RESULTS using a tangible, scientific process, not dreaming and manifestation.

I became an avid student. I did EXACTLY as Bob Proctor taught through countless videos and facilitators. The result was that my life was 100% changed and I now had within me the power to use my THOUGHTS to create the MARKETING SUCCESS I dreamed of. This time, my success was not externally driven. It was internally enriched and focused on helping others through my books, music, and coaching. 

And YES—finally—my IDEAS had turned into CLIENTS!

What I learned...

It was always my dream to find 'Profitable Happiness' by building a business which involved the things that truly made me happy, (such as the use of MUSIC as a meditation and focus technology).

Finally, once I successfully focused on my mindset, I was able to combine my passions—music, teaching, and coaching—to help people change their lives and businesses.

I have since learned that:

  • The number 1 problem in business isn't strategy or execution, it is MINDSET.
  • The number 2 problem is MARKETING.
  • Success is not about knowing; it is about doing. The journey from IDEAS TO CLIENTS requires constant study, courage, growth, and most importantly, MENTORSHIP.

My Encouragement to You...

Regardless of where you are in your journey toward business profits, don't leave your happiness behind.

Realize that the IDEAS which make you happy are also the things that energize you, and allow you to fully leverage the power of your creative mind.

The key is to harness your ideas and combine them with effective MINDSET, MARKETING, and MENTORSHIP to produce clients.

Turn Your Ideas Into Clients