Music enlightens


We dedicate 'WE ARE LOVE' and all of the songs below in honor of first responders and victims of COVID-19. Please help us share these positive messages with the world!


Today, there is an existential battle for the essence of our humanity. We are in a battle for our hearts. What humanity seeks is freedom. We all want it equally, and collectively, we can achieve it. This is a plea to the world, spoken through music, the language of our souls: GIVE US FREEDOM.


For far too many, there is a sense that we live in a wasteland. A distopian life with an abundance of fear and a deficit of trust. However, if we look inside, we discover that there is always hope. No matter what, there is a pathway out of the Wasteland, and it starts within.


As we watch the world around us, we see the only thing that can conquer hate is love. We need love in all its forms; between individuals, institutions, and all of humanity. It's that important. We need love now.


Once you decide to have “happy”, then you will have it. It’s a choice, not a situation. Far too many of us have been sold the idea that we will only one day be happy if so and so happens first. Let this song remind you that happiness is a choice you possess, and a muscle you can build with practice.


The single most powerful antidote to fear, pain, and whatever may get in the way of your success, is gratitude. Find in everything you come across, a path to gratitude, and life’s endless possibilities will be yours.


You are a conqueror. You have conquered your fear. No one can stop you as long as you believe in you! Sometimes we have to first conquer our own self-disbelief and tell ourselves a better story about courage and confidence. We are conquerors by choice!


This is the song I wrote for my mother in appreciation for giving me the gift of music at such an early age. Thanks to her, I equated her soup with love, and her songs with safety. No bombs could destroy what my mother’s songs and soup had built. I still believe that till this day.


No matter what obstacles come your way: Stand. Strong. Together. We shall not be broken.


My friend Robert Geiger died from cancer on the morning of 01/30/2019, just as I completed this song. This is in memory of Robert.


The scariest thing I've ever done is surrender to myself. My true purpose on this planet involves music, but for many years I ran away from it, believing as my father did, that "anybody can play guitar," and that "musician" was not a dignified profession. Fast-forward many years later, and I am grateful for the journey of understanding that one is never at peace, until one surrenders.


Nothing works until we become aware of and accept the magic within us. We have unlimited potential. We just have to liberate it, set it free. We need to think it, speak it, and live it into existence. Everything works when we realize that we are enough. The magic in you is all you need to begin your journey.


Sometimes the best way to go forward is to decide what one must let go of. What beliefs are pulling you backward? What stories have you been telling yourself, perhaps from childhood, that make you wonder if you are truly enough? Are you ready to let them go? Your ability to say “yes” to the future depends on how completely you can say “no” to anything that needs to remain in the past. 


This was the first motivational song I ever wrote. I needed a way to capture a burning truth I had discovered. I had learned that there is no such thing as true "transformation" without the little pieces of progress that must occur day by day, in one's thoughts, mindset, and actions. Because of this song, I know that as long as I keep striving to get better every single day, all will be well.