"I WORSHIP YOU STILL." This is my statement of faith. Regardless of life's outcomes; whether times are good or bad; come what may, God comes first. I will worship Jesus Christ. To Him I say: "I worship you still." This song was inspired by and co-written with Pastor Daron Lindemann of CrossLife Church

Selected AUDIO tracks

I Follow Jesus

What would you say if someone asked, “What do you do?” Would you describe your career or entrepreneurial venture? Or would you describe your role as a parent or student? All of these identities are awesome in our world’s context, but there is another, more powerful role that we play….and that’s what “I FOLLOW JESUS” is all about. In the chorus lyrics, we proudly proclaim, “And if you ask me what I do, all I can tell you, “I FOLLOW JESUS!”

Who Are You?

So many of us simply do NOT know who we are. If we did, we would know that our potential is limitless. This song is about silencing that VOICE in our heads that keeps telling us that we CAN NOT achieve our dreams! If we knew the power of our MINDS, we would rush to live our best lives, exclusively doing what makes us HAPPY, and bringing that happiness into the path of what makes us PROFITABLE in the world. So...'Who Are You?'

I Got Happy

Music can be a powerful way to produce the emotion of happiness, merely by auto-suggesting the sentiment through lyrics and sound, over and over again to our subconscious minds. 

I use this song—'I Got Happy'—for precisely that purpose. Whenever I need to get myself into that positive emotion of happiness, I play and sing along to 'I Got Happy', and magically, I get it!

Love Or Nothing

In a world that is fast losing its propensity for kindness, patience, love, and other virtues, it may be time to put the proverbial foot down and demand 'Love Or Nothing'.

We Shall Not Be Broken

One of the most inspiring stories I've ever come across is 'Igbo Landing'. In the 1800s, a band of Igbos (I am Igbo-American, btw), were shipped to the Americas as slaves. When they arrived, they refused to live as slaves and instead, fought off their captors and walked back toward their motherland through the ocean, drowning as they walked. That was the inspiration for this song. For anyone who has ever struggled and needed encouragement, just remember, we can always choose our mental state, if nothing else, we can declare this truth; "We Shall Not Be Broken."

Thank You

Without a doubt, the greatest technology we possess as human beings to create profitable happiness is gratitude. Focusing on and reflecting daily on the things we are grateful for will invite more of those things into our lives. It's a simple law of the universe. So, take some time each day, and say 'Thank You'.

We Are Love

When COVID-19 ravaged the world and imposed its pandemic on human beings, it had no clue how hard the world would fight back via doctors, nurses, teachers, and people from all walks of life. As the pandemic era (hopefully) draws close to its end, 'We Are Love' is a tribute to the heroism of millions and in respect for those who didn't make it. It begins with a scene in my wife's—Dr. Reki's—ER room. (She is the one on the left).

I Surrender

After years of struggle—and failure—trying to fit into external scripts written by others, my life finally changed for the better when I surrendered to my internal self. Forget the PHD and the corporate VP titles and paychecks. Forget the Tesla and the big mortgage. At the end of the day, I discovered I was at my greatest when I surrendered to my true identity. A soul that is simply here to help others through music and teaching. My greatest personal and professional success arrived after my full and unconditional 'Surrender'.


Nothing is as powerful as a made-up mind. When we look at ourselves as defeated, living by default, our results will reflect that position. But when we look at ourselves as fearless and victorious—as conquerors—our outcomes in life and business will follow the self-image we create internally and project to the world. At any given time in the way we show up, we are either driven by fear—victims—or driven by our own decisions as conquerors. Let's be 'Conquerors'.

Gettin' Better

No matter our endeavor or vocation, if we focus on getting better, one day at a time, we will one day wake up in shock at the foot of the mountain we have moved. The greatest secret of success is to have the determination and patience for 'Gettin' Better', every single day.

Let Go

Sometimes the path to success involves letting go of the things that do not serve us. But letting go can be hard. My traumatic childhood and the loss of my father at an early age has left me in a paradigm where letting go of anything is difficult. Thankfully, we can help our subconscious mind get the message, and help us when necessary, to just 'Let Go'.

Give Us Freedom

As buildings burned and rioters chanted, I couldn't help but realize that the common, human element we all feel, regardless of color, gender, or ethnic heritage, is the desire for freedom. The riots on TV inspired this song, but it's always been in every heart. This is what we want. As Cinque demanded in the movie 'Amistad'..."Give Us Free!"

Magic In You

Each of us has within, a magic that is so powerful, so connected to the universe, so truthful and pure. And yet, most of us do not know it is even there, let alone how to access its power. This 'subconscious' mind of ours is actually the greatest thing we possess. The greatest and final frontier is not 'outer space'. It is 'inner mind'. Tap into the 'Magic In You', and you can achieve any goal you put your mind to.


During the pandemic, it became easy to see how simply 'breathing' is a gift. In a world that is decaying, we need to remember our way home. This song is actually a song of hope, but it was written in the 'Wasteland'.

Mama Soup

My mother taught me music. My mother gave me my first happiness. My mother gave me love, disguised as African soup. She helped me see the connection between emotion and success by singing songs of hope while the bombs were falling in war-torn Biafra. This song, 'Mama Soup', is for her.

Dear Robert

This song is in memory of a great business mastermind partner and friend, who succumbed to his battle with cancer in early 2019. After years of masterminding remotely, I had never met him, until he invited me to visit a week before he died. Robert was a powerful soul on this planet, and most significantly for me, he gave me my name. He was the one who insisted I call myself, 'Dr. Pelè' despite my fears in a society where people hold back on educational titles. Thank you, 'Dear Robert', for your friendship. Thank you for my name.