September 10

Music Is The Soundtrack For Life’s Experiences

Music is a tangential product. It has always been a ‘soundtrack’ for some other ‘experience’. Music helps a listener feel closer to, and become immersed in that other experience.

Because of the internet’s gift of disintermediation, today’s independent music marketers can now accurately pinpoint a target experience desired by their ideal listeners. Armed with that clarity, they can then explicitly promote music to those listeners, not on its merits alone, but rather on how appropriate of a soundtrack it is for that other desired experience.

This is great news for unknown artists, because it levels the playing field in the quest for building tribes. This idea, supported by online technologies, is the core secret for growing a fan base without having fame, a record deal, or any existing following whatsoever.” — Dr. Pelè

(From the upcoming book: I GOT HAPPY)

Dr. Pelè

About the author

Dr. Pelè is a bestselling author, musician, and Founder of VelocityJam™, where members leverage a community of practice, feedback, and detailed post analytics to turn their authentic social media content into high-value clients.