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3 Gaps between Goals & Greatness

A Parable About Leadership Practice

The collapse of infamous energy giant Enron sets off a chain reaction that strips Dr. Mike Jordan of his Houston-based management consulting job. Guided by wise insights from Ravi Sharma, his former CEO and mentor, he soon finds himself on an entrepreneurial quest to help leaders bridge the gaps between goals and greatness. Eventually, his journey leads him to a new consulting engagement at Middleville Hospital, a failing organization where dysfunction is the norm rather than the exception. Armed with only his love of music, teaching, and a theory that great leadership can be learned through practice, will Dr. Mike Jordan be able to help save the hospital, despite the resistance of its entrenched leaders?

Parable Point Presentations

The Most Effective System For Winning More Clients In The Complex Sale

The complex sale involves several important stages, but none is as critical as the presentation. This stage, which ironically, receives the least preparation and attention from most sales professionals, can make the difference between a campaign's success or failure. Get rid of boring, one-way, bullet-point slideshows, and unleash the influential power of the business storyteller within you! Discover how to: - Dramatically increase your client conversion rates and shrink your sales cycles. - Close the value perception gap between you and your clients. - Connect with your audiences and influence them to action.

The Legacy

A Novel

Abe is a poor, talented orphan in Midwestern USA. He has abandoned law school to pursue his first love, music, but a violent altercation during a performance lands him in jail. There he meets Ezra, a comical and engaging Nigerian deportee who helps him discover the shocking truth about his heritage. Abe learns that his late father was a well-known Nigerian oil millionaire. He learns that by tribal custom, he could instantly be the heir to riches beyond his wildest dreams. Having nothing to lose, and everything to gain, he decides to seek his fortune deep in the slums and jungles of modern-day Nigeria, where he becomes entangled in a desperate and dangerous web of tribal politics, voodoo, and post-colonial greed. His search for inheritance leads him to the oppressed village of oil-rich Azuala, where his very life may be the price he must pay to find himself, the true meaning of his heritage, and the terrible secret of ... THE LEGACY