November 2




You’ve done the math, and you want to land big-ticket clients.

You’ve found some initial success, but for some reason, there’s a ceiling on your income.

You’re putting in the hours, but you’re not sure where your next client will come from.

You’ve tried so many online programs and tactics, but you’re just not getting ideal clients.

The steady stream of clients that the last expensive program promised you is just not happening.

And to make things worse, you’re really struggling to get great results for the clients you do have.

You may have even considered the unthinkable: throwing in the towel.


Let’s tell a different story here!

I’m Dr. Pelè, and I want to give you something today that can literally change your life.

Here’s the bottom line: none of the above things are the real problem.

The real problem is that you’re not leveraging your AUTHENTIC self within your marketing.

You’re inadvertently trying to be someone else, not because you don’t know who you are, but because you don’t have a road-map that helps you proudly express yourself in your marketing … right?

In other words, the real problem is that you’re NOT walking in your authentic path to profit.

What did he say?

Yep. You heard me.

You’re not walking in your authentic PATH to PROFIT.


You see, the truth is that with today’s online marketing, we’re all encouraged to COPY everything we see.

It’s kind of like herd mentality. Once a new shiny object shows up, everyone rushes in that direction.

And after a while, everyone starts to look and sound exactly the same, and clients simply stop paying attention.

We are not encouraged to learn how marketing actually works, so we end up with copycat, recycled stuff that just doesn’t resonate with you or with your clients.

And at the same time, most of us are not encouraged to dig deep into our own unique STORIES to embrace our authentic selves.

So we end up marketing the way we think others are marketing.

And sure enough, the market response is … crickets.

WAIT … I’m here to tell you there’s another way!

Watch our masterclass and learn how to leverage the massive, transformational power of your STORY!

You see, you already possess deep within you, the path to amazing profits from your online business.

You already have within you, the foundation that will help you attract clients whenever you want.

And you already have a STORY that can launch a 6 or 7 figure online coaching or consulting business.

You just need to uncover it, embrace it, and release it.

You see, I was born in a war-torn African refugee camp.

We were hungry. We were afraid for our lives.

But you know what sustained us, and kept us going?

It was my mother’s singing.

She would sing to us songs of hope, and it would fill our minds and our hearts.

I found HAPPY when she sang to me, and ever since, MUSIC has been how I’ve sustained myself, long after the bombs stopped falling.

I learned my life’s most important lesson back then, and it is this:

You have to FIRST embrace that which makes you HAPPY, before you can truly find SUCCESS.

In short, INCOME follows HAPPY.

And HAPPY is in your STORY!

For many years, I tried marketing online by trying to be like everyone else.

I hid my music, because I didn’t think it was relevant to my business.

But it wasn’t until I grabbed my guitar, polished up my songs, and started leveraging music—my own authenticity—in my marketing that I finally broke through.

Now I’ve long-since passed the 6-Figure mark, and my team and I are chasing 7 Figures.

And it all started by taking the step to bring my music into my marketing!

What’s YOUR unique, authentic strength?

What’s YOUR unique STORY?

And are you including it in your marketing?

Or have you hidden your superpower because you don’t think being yourself can work online?

Do you know how the PSYCHOLOGY of marketing actually works, or are you just implementing the latest tips and tricks someone is teaching online?

Or worse, are you being just like everyone else, part of the endless herd of copycat online noise?

If you’ve ignored your strength and story in your online marketing, STOP!

The path to profit must pass through your purpose, and must use your strengths and your story, or else you’ll never find what you seek.

Watch my free masterclass to learn how my clients and I are building 6 and 7 Figure online businesses by embracing our authentic truth.

You’ll learn how you can:

Use LINKEDIN and Facebook to attract a consistent flow of qualified leads, with or WITHOUT advertising

Convert big-ticket clients consistently using a simple 5-Step PSYCHOLOGY and STORY funnel

Scale your business from 5 to 6 or even 7 Figures, starting today

Here’s my gift to you:

Meditate on my music below: I GOT HAPPY.

And think of what makes YOU happy.

And remember: you must FIRST embrace YOUR unique HAPPY, and go beyond the online copycat noise to create powerful marketing that delivers results.

For me, it’s music. For you, it could be anything that makes you come alive!

After that, watch the masterclass … and unleash the greatness within you!

Dr. Pelè — I GOT HAPPY

Dr. Pelè

About the author

Dr. Pelè is a bestselling author, musician, and Founder of VelocityJam™, where members leverage a community of practice, feedback, and detailed post analytics to turn their authentic social media content into high-value clients.