July 21

How To Get Big Ticket Clients Online


Let’s face it. Big ticket clients can be really hard to get using social media. They aren’t hanging around waiting for spammy messages on LinkedIn, and they do their best to skip those copycat ads on Facebook. Plus, it can take years of resilience and resourcefulness to get past corporate gatekeepers just to be invited for a meeting with big-ticket decision-makers.

The big question most consulting and coaching firms have is this: how do you get big-ticket clients online? Here are 4 important business development paradigm shifts to consider:

1. Strategy

If you want big-ticket clients, you have to move away from the small-ticket, mass-marketing strategies that are readily available for free on the internet today. The worst thing you can do is copycat marketing! Instead of spammy email strategies that are all about transactions, move instead toward the use of human connection, emotion and other one-on-one strategies that build trusting relationships. Just as you can't catch a whale with a worm, you can't get big-ticket clients by using small-ticket, transactional methods. Your overall strategy must be focused on building relationships!

2. Psychology

If you haven't been living on a rock over the past several years, you're probably aware of the (now) popular viewpoint that people make sales decisions based on emotion. What may not be immediately apparent is WHY people's emotions are influenced in certain ways in the first place. This is the realm of psychology. Take the time to learn and implement the psychology triggers that inspire human decisions and action. You've probably heard of the first six (now seven) principles of persuasion from Robert Cialdini. Now learn the rest from my research in: Big-Ticket Clients: You Can't Catch A Whale With A Worm.

3. Big Ticket S.T.O.R.Y.

Stop selling! Start telling stories! This is the best online marketing advice ever! But hold on a second...you might not know what WE mean by "story". When it comes to consistently getting big-ticket clients, you have to take STORY to the next level. It is not just about your static brand or articles, it is a dynamic funnel. It is the journey that your prospects take from being STRANGERS to becoming people who TRUST you, who are willing to receive your OFFER, who will work with you to get RESULTS, and finally, who actively refer you and tell the story of YOU to future potential clients. When you master this Story-as-a-funnel approach, you will have unlocked the key to getting big-ticket clients online.

4. Relationships

By far the most important element in getting big-ticket clients online is relationships. You can't catch a whale with a worm. Forget the spammy emails, and the LinkedIn robots, and the copycat Facebook advertising. Focus instead on technologies, tools, and strategies that create 1-1 opportunities for you to build warm, human relationships. Also, focus on technologies that allow you to broadcast these warm relationships and content to a wider social audience. Focus on both relationships AND reach! Over time, you will become a magnet. Instead of chasing prospects, they'll want to come to you! 

Want To Learn More?

Learn all of these paradigm shifts with examples and details in my book, Big-Ticket Clients. You can get a physical copy or audiobook on Amazon, or get a free digital copy here: https://bigticketclients.com

Big Ticket Clients

If you prefer to watch an online video, consider our Masterclass, where you will learn the 5 specific steps you need to get big-ticket clients through podcasting: https://drpele.com/masterclass

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