Are you ready for an employee culture that is both Happy and Profitable?

Profitable Happiness: The 5 Key Habits of a High Performance Organization

If your organization has struggled to achieve goals, or you are a leader that hopes to motivate a team, or if you have ever wondered why it seems so hard to build a profitable business alongside a culture of happy employees, this book is for you. 

The time is now to awaken the latent power of habits. More than ever, in today's business landscape, we have the science-backed tools for leveraging Profitable Happiness to build cultures of high performance at work.

What Is Profitable Happiness™?

profitable happiness is already yours

Science tells us that there are two different types of happiness. Despite the well-researched good news about the advantages of workplace happiness, most organizations still don’t leverage it fully, partly because they equate the word ‘happiness’ to the more well-known of those two types—hedonic happiness—which is about having fun and pursuing pleasurable experiences. 

At Profitable Happiness, our work has been focused on helping companies take happiness seriously by measuring and leveraging the other type—Eudaimonic Happiness—which is related to an array of positive emotions such as enthusiasm, engagement, interest, flow, curiosity, and so on, all of which create the focus on business profitability that companies seek.

"Profitable Happiness exists when a company's culture supports the alignment of employee happiness with profitable business results." — Dr. Pelè

IS your company ready for high performance?

Without a doubt, happiness is serious business. The future of work will integrate workplace happiness more holistically, especially since extrinsic motivators like salary are less effective and fulfilling in the long term than intrinsic emotions such as happiness. 

The question for leaders everywhere is this: since there is irrefutable evidence that workplace happiness can lead to significant, positive business results, will they take advantage of this inherent business lever for their organizations today, or will they sit back and watch as the competition goes first?

"As a CEO, my number one job is not about the customer, product, or service; it’s about our employees’ happiness. If I can make our employees happy, together, we can make our customers happy."  — Eric Yuan, CEO of Zoom

Hi, I'm dr. Pelè

... and i know exactly how you feel because i've been there

Our world is full of far too many people who go to work every day, yet they hate what they do. This unhappiness results from a global crisis of low employee engagement, low morale, poor well-being, high stress, and low business performance.

I have therefore made it my mission to find a path directly from employee happiness to business profitability.

Fortunately, ample science, research, and evidence in the business world make this path possible. Hence, I focus on how companies can leverage the well-being of their greatest asset—people—to create the business success they seek. 

"My mission is to change the world by helping organizations leverage habits of profitable happiness to build cultures of high performance." — Dr. Pelè.

Tune In...

How do leaders and their companies achieve high performance and profitable cultures by encouraging employee happiness? 

This is the core question, and the Profitable Happiness podcast has the answers.

Each week, I interview leaders and companies that have leveraged employee happiness to build business profitability. I talk with them about what they did, what they learned, and what they can teach to help others on their journeys toward profitable happiness.

Dr. Pele's style is so enjoyable, you won't even know you're learning!

Dr. Marshall GoldSmith