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Dr. Pelè reveals the five science-based principles of H.A.P.P.Y., to inspire and engage professional audiences around the world. Event and meeting planners often work with Dr. Pelè to tailor his message to their specific needs in order to develop a rewarding and measurably impactful experience. Drawing on his unique personal and professional life experience, and his mixture of music and motivation, Dr. Pelè's keynote concert will inspire, motivate, and uplift your audience to success.

Why do Event Planners request Dr. Pelè?

  • He brings the authentic voice of someone who has overcome massive obstacles to achieve the American dream, and uses his science-based, 'HAPPY' message to inspire audiences to do the same.
  • A truly dynamic storyteller, musician and entrepreneur—a complete paradigm shifter in the worlds of business, training, marketing, and music.
  • He not only teaches, but has walked the walk in many corporate roles, including as Vice President of Human Resources at Rainy Lake Medical Center, and Vice President of Marketing at Dale Carnegie Training of Central Texas.
  • He teaches the science and architecture of changing organizational behavior, which results in improved business performance, higher employee engagement, and increased sales for organizations of all sizes.

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