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Video Brand Marketing™

7 Steps To Turn Your Passion Into Profitable Happiness™.

Big-Ticket Clients

You Can't Catch A Whale With A Worm™

Every  day, consultants, advisors, and coaches make one critical mistake that costs them millions of dollars: they use small-ticket marketing and sales strategies to try and land big-ticket clients. The result? Frustration and failure. What they are learning is this: You Can’t Catch A Whale With A Worm™.

In a noisy world of free templates and copycat marketing, looking and sounding like everyone else can literally destroy your business. What you need is a paradigm shift that positions you with not only what to do, but also why it works. If you want high-value clients, you need to build high-value authentic relationships. The Big-Ticket Clients framework will give you the clarity and tools you need for that task.

Discover How To:

  • Master the use of story to attract Big-Ticket Clients
  • Build a funnel based on psychology  to convert your Big-Ticket Clients
  • Launch authentic relationships to land Big-Ticket Clients

Whether you’re a solo entrepreneur, or part of a multi-million dollar organization, you will learn how to work less at marketing, earn more, and do so from a place of uniqueness and authenticity that your rivals simply can’t compete against

The Story Of You

How Your Story Can Power Your Success

You desire success. You have great potential. Yet something seems to stand between you and your goals. Your solution might just be right under your nose - locked up in THE STORY OF YOU. In 1967, the story of Pelè the soccer player was so powerful that it stopped the carnage and horror of an African civil war. I was named after the man, and the myth is with me still. 'Story as power' remains one of the most important lessons of my life. If a story can stop a war, your story can change your destiny. Using stories and analogies from business, sports, and psychology, THE STORY OF YOU presents narrative as your key technology for self leadership and transformation. You will learn how to: * Uncover your life's true purpose and passion * 'Practice' your way to lasting self leadership and success * Unleash your full potential for high performance at work