December 21

Enrolling Coaching Clients On LinkedIn

Meet Jon Schober.

Over the past 15 years, he has held executive corporate positions and launched successful entrepreneurial ventures in the executive search and leadership development fields. Today, he serves mid-senior career professionals in search of new jobs. The pain he solves for his clients is pretty straightforward: for every week they don’t find a job, they are losing an average of $2,400 / week. Using LinkedIn, Jon Schober is able to tap into over 500 million professionals worldwide to help his clients find the right jobs in 90 days or less, and to grow his own coaching and consulting practice over time.

But the road to entrepreneurship was not always easy or straightforward for Jon, now CEO and Executive Search and Leadership Coach in his firm, Maximize Others. He struggled, like many professionals do, with finding, keeping, and growing an ideal client base on LinkedIn.


When it came to finding the right clients, it was always hit and miss. Much of his effort went into in-person networking meetings, and connecting to people with the hope that perhaps they would end up being the right client.


Even when he found interested prospects, much time (usually over coffee) was wasted only to find out that many of them were not able to pay what his services required.


And because his traffic wasn’t that much to begin with in LinkedIn, he hadn’t even started working on how to grow and cultivate a ‘tribe’ of satisfied clients whom he could continue to serve over time.

Enter Dr. Pelè …

That’s when he discovered the marketing training and coaching delivered by Dr. Pelè on Practicee. Dr. Pelè was able to show him the following, in his own words:

  • I got detailed training on marketing strategies focusing on the psychology and technology required for any online marketing success.
  • I got hands-on, results-oriented coaching that helped me to learn as I implemented. That way, the actions and eureka moments were all mine! A powerful way to learn by doing!
  • And, I was having FUN doing the things required to attract my ideal clients. I was being the best version of myself as a provider of value to my future clients.

The result of Jon’s learning and implementation with Practicee was a 5-figure business income in just 30 days. Plus, he is on target to achieve his goal of a six figure income as a solo entrepreneur.

Dr. Pelè

About the author

Dr. Pelè is a bestselling author, musician, and Founder of VelocityJam™, where members leverage a community of practice, feedback, and detailed post analytics to turn their authentic social media content into high-value clients.