March 6

Building A Consulting Practice Using LinkedIn

(Wanna enjoy a little laughter? Watch until the 3:00 minute mark! LOL) 🙂

Meet Matt Wahlrab.

Matthew Wahlrab is one of the top 300 patent strategists in the world as recognized by IAM* with their IAM Strategy 300 Award. The award acknowledges his fifteen years of excellence in the disciplines of patent portfolio management, licensing, patent sales and fund raising. Matt uses a unique IP strategy and proven philosophy  to manage the prosecution and business development of nearly 6,000 issued and pending patent applications. He has helped his partners secure over $115MM in investment capital and has supported or personally closed patent transactions that have earned his partners over $50 MM in licensing revenues.

But the road to consulting success was not always easy or straightforward for Matt, CEO and Founder of his firm, Innovative Foundations. Like many professionals, he struggled with finding, keeping, and growing his ideal client base using social media.

Enter Dr. Pelè …

Matt’s organization met with Dr. Pelè and began an intensive 90-Day program to build, launch, and manage a social media marketing strategy built around LinkedIn. The rest, as they say, is history. Matt discovered that implementing a ‘storybound’ marketing system on LinkedIn was his secret weapon for lead generation and providing ongoing value to his clients.

Within just 30 days of interacting with a global prospect on LinkedIn™ using Dr. Pelè’s Storybound process, Matt closed a 6-Figure consulting engagement.

Today, Matt enjoys working with businesses that are ready to pivot and innovate their way towards success.

Dr. Pelè

About the author

Dr. Pelè is a bestselling author, musician, and Founder of VelocityJam™, where members leverage a community of practice, feedback, and detailed post analytics to turn their authentic social media content into high-value clients.