233: Spotlight: Change Your Paradigm, Change Your Life, With Bob Proctor

March 21, 2022

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I think when you understand paradigms, you'll understand why brilliant people do silly things. Why is it that people who are absolutely brilliant, stay broke? Why is it? People with wonderful formal educations seem to have dumb jobs?

Hello, this is dr pelè, in today's profitable happiness spotlight we are going to be focusing on the great bob proctor and we're gonna talk about one of his favorite subjects, which is the idea of a paradigm, which is something that controls practically everything that we do and therefore the results that we get in our lives and in our businesses.

But first of all, let's have bob proctor, tell us by himself exactly what a paradigm really is, essentially, a paradigm is much the same as a program that you would put in your computer, that program will keep working the way you want it to work the way it's programmed to work until such time as you change it and if you want to change it, you can, but it keeps spitting out exactly the same results exactly the same way.

That's essentially what a paradigm is now, that we have a great definition of what a paradigm is. Let's talk about three topics regarding paradigms. The first one is what is the architecture of our mind, and how can we understand how to work with our mind in order to influence our paradigm in order to change our paradigm and therefore create the behaviors, the actions, and the results that we want in our lives and in our businesses.

That's the first topic, what is the architecture of a paradigm? And then the next thing we're gonna talk about is how do you actually see a paradigm in action in your life? What are the signs to let you know that your paradigm is happening to you right now? And the third topic we're going to focus on is how do you change your paradigm?

How do you actually move the needle to take this powerful thing called a paradigm and actually change it so that it works on your behalf and not against you. So first let's talk about the architecture of a paradigm. First of all, if you imagine that you have a conscious mind and by the way, this is just a very small part of the architecture of our minds.

If you imagine that this conscious mind is responsible for filtering out all the ideas and thoughts and images that come into your mind, then you can imagine it's doing a lot of work, right? And so if we don't focus that conscious mind on allowing only the ideas, thoughts and images that will make us successful in the results that we're looking for.

Our subconscious mind will be bombarded with data that we do not want or need. So we have to choose, we have to accept certain ideas, thoughts, and images, and we have to reject those that do not serve our subconscious mind. And so once we get those ideas into our subconscious paradigm, we have to do a process of repetition; doing, saying, over and over the things that will produce 'stickiness' for those ideas, thoughts and images in our subconscious mind and this all works because our subconscious mind, our paradigm must accept the things that we repeat over and over.

It cannot reject the information that we are sending to it. In fact, it cannot determine what's real and what's not real. So if we want something to become the truth, we have to disregard what may seem to be the reality in the world and simply tell that subconscious mind what we intended to believe so that it can push a new self image into reality, push new beliefs into reality and create new habits.

Yes, habits just like playing a guitar, just like playing a piano. If you want to learn and get the muscle memory that will allow you to be a great musician. For example, you have to repeat over and over certain specific actions that will produce the habits that will then move your body into action to create the profits you want in your life, whether those profits are playing guitar better, playing piano better, or building a business or achieving that multimillion dollar goal you have in your destiny, right? This is how you do it by programming your subconscious mind to create the profit that you want, all of which starts from finding out what you are most happy about because it is your happiness that will allow you to go through the difficult times on this powerful journey to making your subconscious mind something that actually does what you want it to do, as opposed to something that is working against you.

So what are some examples of a paradigm? A paradigm could be "I'm not good enough," or "my best days are behind me," or "i might actually succeed," or "people don't like me," or "i can't afford that," or "it's not my fault," or "i might fail. " all of these paradigms, hold us back and they do not allow us to move forward and you know why they're so powerful? Because they are subconscious because they're happening without our conscious knowledge, they're literally the reason why we get up in the morning and go do what we have to do every single day, and until we change those powerful programs in our mind, we will never see new results.

A paradigm is a program in your subconscious mind that controls your behavior to an enormous degree, it controls all of your habitual behavior to an enormous degree. It really does. Why exactly is it that working harder, does not produce the results that we want in our lives?

Why is it that sometimes in order to actually change our prevailing paradigm, we have to stop doing the things that we have been doing so far as einstein once said, if you keep on doing what you've always been doing, you should probably expect the same results. Right? So we have to learn that, working harder when you're in the same paradigm will not produce the business results that you're looking for.

Bob already explained this, but just so you're aware, there was this thing called a paradigm way back when people thought the world was flat. Now, you and I know that the world isn't flat, but guess what? If you think the world is flat, you can bet your bottom dollar that you will never be able to see beyond that feeling, that belief, that thinking that the world is flat, in fact, you might think that if you go too far in one direction, you might fall off because the world is flat and it's gonna stop somewhere.

So if you want to get to the moon, if you want to put a person in orbit, you have to change your paradigm, you have to begin to believe that the world is round, you cannot escape the limitations of your own deeply held beliefs, or your own operational frequency, or your paradigm. You have to change your paradigm if you want to change your business results.

And you want to know how you create those new results in your subconscious mind? You use something I call a swarm effect. Yes, you swarm your subconscious mind with speaking to it, with writing to it, with actions to it, with reading to it, and with music to it. Absolutely!! Music, reading, writing! All of these things that we do communicate to your subconscious mind exactly who you want to become, exactly what you want to achieve, and through repetition over and over again, just like a guitar player or a piano player might use repetition to create muscle memory in their fingers.

You will create muscle memory in your subconscious mind. And that's when the behaviors start to change. That's when the results in your life start to change. That's when you start to notice all the things around you that will lead to your success. I got to tell you when I bought my tesla everywhere I went, I saw teslas, all over the place as if by magic.

No, it was the 'reticular activation system' in my mind that was all of a sudden, heightened in terms of awareness to every single tesla on the market, that's what you do when you use repetition to create certain embedded images that appear to be the most important things in your subconscious mind. And once you get that right, you will be able to change your business, you will be able to change any life circumstance that you're looking for because your subconscious mind will now be working for you, not against you.

So there you have it. We've talked about the subconscious mind in the context of paradigms. We've talked about the fact that if you are struggling in your business, and you're looking for the next level of success in your life, and if you've struggled to get there, it's probably not the marketing strategy you're focused on, it's probably not the business approach that you're working with, it might not even be members of your team. It is most probably starting with you and your prevailing paradigms and so learning how to master your own mind and change your own paradigms and push yourself towards the results that you seek through your subconscious mind is a powerful skill, and if you want to learn more about how to work with your subconscious mind and push it toward the results that you seek, click the link below and I look forward to helping you push forward and change your paradigm so that you can achieve the business results that you're seeking. Once again, this has been dr. Pelè -- all the best.