Are you ready to surrender to what makes you Happy and Profitable?

Profitable Happiness: The Hidden Practice of Success at Work

If you are an individual or organization that has struggled to achieve goals; if you are a leader that hopes to motivate a team; or if you have always wondered why it is so hard to be both profitable and happy at the same time, you are in the right place. The time is now to awaken the power that lies within us all. More than ever, we have tools and direct access to Profitable Happiness, the hidden practice of success.

What Is Profitable Happiness™?

profitable happiness is already yours

There are two forms of happiness: external and internal. External happiness is fleeting, futile, material, and based on the hope that something outside of us will bring us fulfillment. The only lasting happiness is internal, and is based on existing mindfully and peacefully in the present. 

Similarly, there are two forms of profit; external and internal. External profit is what most of us have been seeking all of our lives. Shelter, possessions, money, career, status, etc. External profit is a temporary illusion. What does it profit one to gain the world and lose their soul? 

— "Profitable Happiness exists when there is alignment between your internal source of happiness and the things you do to bring profit to yourself and others in the world."

If happiness is what you seek, You must look within and 'SURRENDEr' to yourself

Deep inside ... WHO are you, REALLY?  

Here's the truth: far too many people have been conditioned by life to follow external crowds, and not the ENERGY within their hearts.

Until you are clear—and I mean TRULY clear—about WHO you are and the vision you hold for your life, you will struggle to be free of the shackles of your mind. 

— "Only when you fully leverage your authentic, profitable happiness can you expect to find peace, joy, and contentment." 

Hi, I'm dr. Pelè

... and i know exactly how you feel because i've been there

All my life I struggled with the question of how to fully surrender to what makes me truly come alive; music. Like most people, I spent an entire lifetime ignoring my core motivation—that which made me happy—and instead pursuing external things that I thought would bring me material profit.

It wasn't until I began an internal, spiritual journey of mindfulness that I discovered a path to true and internal profitable happiness. I was finally able to just 'GO FOR IT' -- and damn the external consequences.

From that time forward, I started to look inward—not outward—for the source of my energy, and ever since then, I've been able to step into my destiny to help others through music, motivation, and mindfulness. 

— "My mission is to change the world by helping individuals and organizations leverage profitable happiness to create the success they seek."

Tune In...

How do individuals with a passion for something combine what makes them happy with what makes them profitable, damn all consequences, and just GO FOR IT?

How do companies achieve high performance and profitable cultures by encouraging employee happiness? 

These are the questions and the Profitable Happiness podcast has the answers.

Each week, I interview any individual or company that has followed  happiness toward profitability. I talk with them about what they did, what they learned, and what they can teach to help our audience on their own profitable happiness journeys.

Dr. Pele's style is so enjoyable, you won't even know you're learning!

Dr. Marshall GoldSmith