Are You Ready To Surrender To What Truly Makes You Happy?

What Is Profitable Happiness™?


Do you feel deep inside that there is a highly successful, purpose-filled version of you just waiting to be unleashed? Do you sometimes wake up at night, wondering when your business breakthrough will materialize? Have you paid your dues—in both personal and professional development—to become an expert in your field, but aren't seeing the level of success and impact you know you're capable of?

If this sounds like you, and you are an expert, author, coach or consultant, I want you to know there is a personal and professional path to the happiness you seek, but it's not 'out there' somewhere. It is already within you.

You must look within and 'SURRENDER' to the work & ideas that bring you happiness

If you've ever wanted to follow your dreams, but couldn't break free of corporate cubicles; If you've ever desired a successful coaching or consulting business, but couldn't market it online; And if you've ever wondered how to make a living from doing what you love, then rest assured, your internal voice has been trying—unsuccessfully—to get you to answer this one, single question:

Deep inside ... what do you really—REALLY—want? 

Here's the truth: far too many people have been conditioned by life to follow the crowds, and not their hearts, thereby ending up with confusing business offers and complicated online marketing and sales funnels that don't work. The result? Technology overwhelm, internal frustration, and most importantly, no clear path from their ideas to clients.

Until you are clear—and I mean TRULY clear—about the vision you hold for your life and business, you will struggle to get off the ground. Until you focus 100% on doing the MINDSET work required to gain personal and professional clarity, most of the efforts you put into launching a business online will be frustrated.

Only when you fully leverage the kind of work that brings you authentic happiness can you expect to find success online. 

Hi, I'm dr. Pelè

... and i know exactly how you feel because i've been there

All my life I struggled with the question of how to turn my passions and ideas into business profit. For me, those passions and ideas were in my music, books, and software. Yet, no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't see a clear link between the things I loved to do and the things that brought me an income.

It wasn't until one day, in a podcast conversation with the legendary Seth Godin, that I received some life-changing MENTORSHIP advice about the importance of looking within to find my unique source of strength and action for business success.

From that day forward, I  I started to look inward—not externally—for the source of my energy. I took his advice, began to do the MINDSET work within, and through online MARKETING, began to consistently 'ship' my content to the world. Once I fully leveraged my music, books, and software as integral parts of my business, my results were nothing less than stellar! ( Btw, I wrote about this in a free, downloadable Report called:

📥 'Million Dollar Jam'. )

Today—as the Founder of ClientJam™—my work involves helping people all over the world find success in their lives and businesses through MINDSET, MARKETING, and 1-1 MENTORSHIP.

ClientJam is a software community of practice and feedback for professionals who wish to turn their CONTENT into CLIENTS.

Introducing clientjam™

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How are creative entrepreneurs, experts, authors, and coaches like us, who have a burning passion for a topic—for something that truly fills us with HAPPINESS—How do we create, market, and sell our ideas in such a way that we are able to build PROFITABLE, client-based, truly scalable businesses?  That is the question, and the Profitable Happiness™ podcast will give you the answers. 

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